How to pass a good year

First, you have to change the way you live znd act and think appreciate what you have.
Don’t force yourself to live the life you can’t because of others try to be you, give your max in everything you does, to do that you have trust yourself, don’t worry about people, motivated, patient, fight for what you want and believe in it.
Don’t let your dreams live you, you live your dreams.
being young on your own what know around it hard specialy when you didn’t have any diplome or job or know ane to turn too. That the worst time in life where you get nailed, strat thinking that where good and bad ideas come don’t know what door to open whit the key of your future, no one whant to faled in life. The best thing we youth gotta do is search for any association that can’t help don’t be scare or shame cause there other younth out there just like you whit different problemthat trying there best so why not you?
So get up and go out search cause staying home and sleep doesn’t give remember that you.

Habitué à parler à la fois anglais, français et créole, il m’est plus facile d’exprimer mes idées en anglais qu’en français…comprenez-vous ce que j’ai écrit?? Commentez et échangez votre point de vue.



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  1. J’adore l’idée, je trouve très intéressant de publier en version originale vos idées. Je ne comprend pas littéralement tout mais l’idée principale. J’espère que vous serez lu et commenté.

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